Kitchen Gardening in the news…

Now that our modest Kitchen Garden is finally underway it would seem like it is the thing to do.

Yesterday’s Barbados Advocate and as well today’s Nation highlight the level of Kitchen Gardening that, has been and is, taking place here in Barbados, on both a large and small scale. The CEO of the Barbados Agricultural Society, James Paul, was quoted in regard to a recent call by Prime Minister Owen Arthur for more Barbadians to grow their own produce, as saying:

“The BAS with its limited resources will however be doing its part in encouraging Barbadians to grow their own food, rather than purchase it. A feature of Agrofest 2008 will be a special competition, which will highlight those who have been successful at backyard gardening.

We are of course having this Kitchen Garden Competition, in which we are going to encourage householders to participate and use the limited plots that they have around them, as a means of growing crops, for instance, tomatoes, lettuce and certain seasonings that they actually go into the supermarkets and buy, and we think that in that way, it would help at least to reduce the food bills that Barbadians have to face.”

Today’s Nation featured a photo of the Prime Minister tending his own modest plot:

For the moment setting both politics and economics aside, I am quite happy to see that a renewed interest in Kitchen Gardening is afoot here in Barbados. I see my neighbors peering over our fence, while others stop to chat to see what is going on in our garden while anxiously awaiting the 1st “harvest;” I have my husband promising friends a sampling of our “crops;” I have some peace and quiet in the early morning to think and pull some weeds; I am teaching our young son to water the lettuce gently; I just finished a cup of peppermint tea.

All of these moments are the rewards of setting up a few modest plots, tending to the herbs and vegetables, enjoying the fruits of your labor. It should be noted that the success of my kitchen garden, or any kitchen garden, for that matter shouldn’t be measured alone in the yield but in the way it changes your life and the lives of those around you.

So welcome to my blog, here I hope to document my efforts and share what I learn along the way.


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