Now that is what I call a Lime!

Fruit trees of all sorts are growing everywhere you look in Barbados, the grounds surrounding our house contain several Banana trees, a Cherry Tree, and a Mango tree. Since our landlord is responsible for the upkeep of the grounds he periodically collects the fruit; when we first moved in that was the only law of the land, but he never fails to leave a hand of Bananas or a bag of Mangoes by our doorstep. Bajans love their fruit trees and take great pride in sharing the harvest; this afternoon one of my neighbors came to our back wall and said, “Do you like limes?” Little did she know just how much I like limes, and a moment later she returned with a plastic bag filled with just picked limes: each one a unbelievable shade of green and nearly the size of a tennis ball. The gift of the limes came at just the right moment, as I was talking to my neighbor and waiting for the limes my ever present allergies grew worse and worse. Limes in hand I rushed inside and sliced one open squeezing it into a teaspoon of honey, and another, and another, and finally the itching, and sneezing stopped.



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