A change of scenery…

Hello, if you you are (re)visiting GoGrow: Barbados it may look a little different to you! But don’t worry…I decided that I would like to have the ability to tell you more about me, GreenBB, and the people (and their Blog’s), and resources that are out there for Kitchen Gardener’s, right on my home page. I hope that this change makes my blog more “user friendly,” and above all enjoyable to frequent. As well,all of my posts will continue to feature my photos of the garden.

Right now I am working on (2) new articles: Latin Tuesday’s, and a feature on this coming year’s AgroFest, which is held annually right here in Barbados. Also my Kitchen Garden is being added to the Square Foot Gardening website which features gardens from around the world that utilize the SFG Method; our’s will be the first from Barbados!

Thanks for visiting.



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